• Follow your dreams!you retain artistic control of your books
  • Let the magic unfoldYour message and your wisdom is important ... begin the journey now!
  • Your Book in print!get your message out to a world-wide audience.
  • Imagine!What begins as a dream becomes a tangible reality
  • Book PublishingYour book beautifully designed, polished and printed on the best materials!
  • e-BooksYour book transformed into an eBook and uploaded to Amazon!
  • Succeed!What you can dream, you can do.... take the first step today!

So what are e-Books?

eBooks are simply Electronic Books! They are exactly the same as their printed counterparts but accessed from your computer, smart-phone, tablet or el...


Print on Demand!

Print on demand (POD) is the commonly-used term for the digital printing technology that allows a complete book to be printed and bound in a matter of...


Successful Publication!

We all know we live in hard economic times, but people still search for knowledge and want to read informative and well researched books. Therefore th...


Marketing Tips

The most successful authors or entrepreneurs know that it takes a firm commitment of time and energy to build the kind of platform (audience) that not...


Do it yourself!

Sacred Tree Books offers competitive and fully comprehensive publishing packages along with personal and professional support to help you get your boo...


Print Books

Publishing a print book, whether you are part of a large organization or a small-time author, has now become simply a Print on demand (POD) publishing...


eBook Choices

It is important to consider making your book into an eBook as well as a paper book. Some authors actually prefer eBooks because they are so easy to cr...


Editing / Typesetting / Proof-Reading

In order to see your book in print or as an eBook, you will ideally use the services of editors, designers and graphic artists. The team at Sacred Tre...


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